Logic and Actions

When a page of your survey is submitted, you can specify different "actions" to occur that change depending on the respondents' answers on that page.  For example, if you wanted everyone who answered "Yes" to a particular question on Page 1 to skip Page 2 and go directly to Page 3, you could create an action that will allow that to happen.  You could also send people to different websites or end the survey depending on their answer to a given question.

Create an Action
To create an action, define one or more conditions based on the questions you have in your survey.  If the answers you receive match the conditions, a defined action takes place.  One common action is to jump to a different page.  This is called "Skip Logic" because respondents "skip" pages of your survey based on their answers.

For example, you have a question on page 1 that asks for the respondent's favorite food.  Page 2 has several questions about ice cream.  If a respondent doesn't choose ice cream as their favorite food, you don't want them to answer the questions on Page 2, but instead to just go to Page 3.  Here's how you would accomplish this:

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