Access Controls in Surveys

In the Access Controls tab, you can set the various options for limiting access to your survey. 

 You can choose and customize several Access Control options:
Survey closed message
This is the message that will be displayed to people attempting to take your survey after it has been stopped.  A survey can be stopped either manually from the stop button by navigating to Surveys > View > Surveys > Active or from having reached the closed date.

Response Count Limit

This option will automatically close a survey once a pre-determined number of responses has been received.  This option is good for those that maybe using SurveyTown for registration or entries that have a limited number of responses that can be received.

Limit to Date Range
These options will let you specify an opening and/or closing date for your survey.  If you do not specify an opening date, the survey will be made available as soon as it is activated.  If a closing date is not specified, the survey will remain active until it is manually stopped from the Surveys > View > Surveys > Active overview screen.

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