Survey Presentation

The Presentation tab allows you to set various display options for your survey. You can customize the following Presentation options:
Form Title
This is the title for your survey as displayed to the respondent.  This will show up in the <title> tag of the HTML and in the browser's title bar. This is an optional setting.
Form Template
This option controls which survey template will be used for the current survey.  For most cases, the Default Survey Template can be used. Creating a survey template allows you the option to further customize the design of your survey.
Customize Header Image
This is the image that will be displayed at the top of every page in the Default Survey Template.  This image can either be uploaded from a file, or from a url.
Starting Point
You can specify whether you want your respondents to see an Introduction Page or to simply begin on Page 1 when they access your survey. If you choose to have an introduction page, you can customize this page directly in the Presentation tab.
When survey is completed
When a respondent has completed your survey and filled out all of your questions, this option controls what happens next.  You can choose for a default thank you message to be displayed or customize the thank you message to your liking. The other option you can choose for this setting is "Go To A Webpage". If you choose this option, respondents can be redirected to a specified URL of your choice upon completion of the survey.

Send Confirmation Email

This option allows you to send a confirmation email to your respondents once they have completed your survey. You must add a "Text - email address" question to your survey before you can send a respondent a confirmation email.

Notification Email

This option allows you to receive a notification email as each respondent completes a survey.

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