Reports are a core feature of Surveys. Survey Reports are available in real-time for both currently active surveys and completed surveys. These results can be viewed in the browser or exported to a csv file. To view a Survey Report, navigate to  Surveys > View > Surveys > Active or Completed, and select the Report icon for any active or completed survey.

Report Filtering

Survey reports can also be filtered using the same methods as logic & actions. Filtering your survey results will only show reporting for survey responses which match the criteria defined in the filter. In addition to the available filtering methods found in Logic & Actions, you can also filter survey results by date range. By setting a From and To date, you can limit reporting to survey responses completed between two given dates.

Aggregate Stats

From the Aggregate Stats tab, you will see an aggregate breakdown of the number of responses received, responses completed, and the percent of survey completion. You will also see a breakdown, by page, of the questions and responses. You will also see a graphical breakdown of this information in pie chart format.

View Responses

From the View Responses tab, you can select which survey questions to retrieve, and view all responses that match the current report filter.  By default, all survey responses will be displayed.  You can also view the times the respondent started and completed the survey, as well as the unique identifier for the response.  Responses can be viewed inside the browser or exported to a csv file. Clicking on the view icon allows you to browse copies of the survey responses, with one response per page.This report filters based on the current report filter.

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