Inserting SurveyTown links into Campaigner email campaigns

Inside of Campaigner there is a Smart Editor that will automatically pull in your active surveys and allow you to quickly and easily add a survey to an email campaign.  The process is fun and easy.  It requires a SurveyTown account that has API access.  Here is how to set it up.

  1. Create an API Key inside of SurveyTown.  (Please note: Generating API keys requires a Professional or Enterprise subscription)
  2. Copy the API Key
  3. Login to Campaigner
  4. Go to My Account > Account Settings
  5. Click on the "Integrations" tab
  6. Click on "Add Account"
  7. Paste your API Key
  8. Click Add Account

Your Active Surveys will now show up in the Smart Editor drop down box so you can easily drop them into your campaigns.  To accomplish this... 

  • Under the "Email Campaigns" click on "+New Email Campaign".
  • Select the "Smart Builder"
  • There is a dropdown there with the words "Select Survey".  Click that drop down and down will appear a list of active surveys from inside SurveyTown.  Selecting one will drop a link to the survey inside your email campaign.

That's it - Happy Surveying!

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