How do I edit my white-label skin?

If you are a white-label partner,  you can change the application skin to show your logo and colors. 

The skin is accessible via our super admin.  Here's how to edit your skin.

  • Login to the super admin
  • Go to "Settings > Skinning"

From there you will see the list of things you can change.  Here's is an explanation of how to

  • Logo Image - This is the logo that will show on your login page
  • Powered By Image - Strange name, but this is the logo that will show at the top left of the application
  • Powered By URL - This is the URL of your company
  • Favicon - Shown in the browser tabs
  • Skin Name
  • Powered by Text - In some places, we may use this text to brand the application to your name.
  • Show Header / Footer
  • Product Name 
  • Support Phone Number
  • Support Email - This is the email where you customer can reach you for support.  It is shown in some strategic places so customer can reach you if they have concerns or questions.
  • Default End URL - The default URL to be directed to after login.  If left blank we send customers to the dashboard
  • Login Domains - This is where you can customized the login URL for domain.  This can be a subdomain of or or it can be your own fully qualified domain if you have set that up with us previously.  Please send an email to [email protected] to set this up.
  • CSS - You can add custom CSS to override our defaults to modify things such as button colors. 

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