Question Type: File Upload

Have you ever wanted your respondents to take a picture and send it to you, or submit their reply in a video format?  

File Upload question type allows you to collect images, documents, zip files, Excel spreadsheets, videos or just about any type of file from your respondents.  Possible uses for this type of question type are: 

  • Ask you survey respondents to upload pictures or videos from their mobile phones to get a real-time look into their experiences.
  • Take resumes from respondents if you are creating a job application form.  
  • Create forms where respondents must submit a written proposal to be considered.
  • etc...

If viewed on a mobile device, the file upload question will allow customer to upload pictures or videos from their phone.   

File Upload question type options

The File Upload question type comes with a few options.

Allowed Extensions

You can limit which types of files your customers are allowed to upload by removing any extensions from the list.  So for example if you did not want to allow users to upload ".avi" files, just remove the "avi" from the list provided.  (Also make sure to delete the comma too.)

Also if you wanted to only allow say Microsoft Word documents, you could remove all the extensions and add back in "doc,docx" to just allow those types of files.

Multiple Files

You can choose to allow user to upload more than one file or limit the response to just one file.  

NOTE: There is a file size upload limit of 10MB per file. 


Once your respondents have uploaded their files, they can be found in the reports in the following areas.

NOTE: We will keep your respondents uploaded files for 12 months after which they will be deleted from our servers.

Individual Responses

The individual files can be downloaded by viewing individual responses.  Go to "Responses" tab on then click on the "View icon.

Then, the uploads will be seen there.

Zip file download

All of the uploads are available also via a "Export Files" button at the top right of the screen.

The mapping of response to file is contained in the "Export CSV" file.


File Upload question type is a great way to collect "unstructured" data from your respondents including pictures, resumes or portfolios.  We keep the data for you and you can download it at anytime.

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