Update Bronto custom field using SurveyTown

A "External Field" question allows you to insert into your survey a question that asks if a customer for data that can then be automatically updated in an external system.  So for example, if you wanted to ask a customer for their address and you wanted that information to automatically be also added to your email marketing system like Bronto, you could use the "External Field" question type.  Here's how to set it up

  1. First you will need to connect SurveyTown to Bronto
  2. Next you will select Data Integration setting for the survey you are working on.  This can be found under the "Integrations" tab

  3. Then, go into your survey and select a "External Field" question type

  4. Now you will see the options for the External Field question type.  
    • SurveyTown will automatically pull the custom fields from your email service provider (i.e.: Bronto) and give you the choice of which one you want to add to your survey.
    • You will need to have an email address question or enabled the survey to only accept personalized URL (PURLs).  We use either an email address or a personal identifier to map the data to the contact.
  5. Now, when a respondent comes to that question in your survey, their answer will be automatically imported into Bronto

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