How to make personalized surveys and pass hidden data to SurveyTown using Bronto

This article is to show you how to pass data from Bronto into SurveyTown.  Once the customer data gets passed to SurveyTown, it can be used to personalize question text.  Additionally the same mechanism can be used to store Bronto field data beside your survey responses so you can then segment and report your survey data using the data that has been passed in.  

By passing data into SurveyTown you can ...

  • Personalize question text
  • Store Bronto field data along with a survey response so that you can use that data later to analyze survey responses.

Here are some use case scenarios.

  • After shopping at the store, Katherine is sent an email to rate her experience.  After clicking on the email link, she is greeted with survey that says "Katherine, please rate your experience with our website."
  • Without having to ask the customer where they purchased, David, an ecommerce manager is able to download survey responses that include where they purchased the product.

Here's how to setup a Bronto email to send data into SurveyTown.  

Use Case #1 - Personalize a Survey

For this example, we will assume we are sending a customer satisfaction survey to customers.  When the survey is taken by the customer, it will automatically include their first name in the question text.

Step 1 - First setup survey with a URL Variable 

First you need to setup your survey to expect the first name from the Bronto URL.  We will also set the default value to "Valued Customer" so if the first name is not present we will show the text "Valued  Customer"

For more information on this please see this article -

Step 2 - Prepare your survey question text to show the first name. 

Set up the URL variable "First Name" in your survey.

Step 3 - Login to Bronto and add your customer's custom field information via the Bronto Field Tag to a URL in your email

Replace the URL variable between the [] with the field tag from Bronto.

Presentation Result

When user comes to the survey, it will be personalized.

In this use case, the first name will also be stored along with the survey response so you can find it later as well.

Use Case #2 - Save "hidden" data along with survey

In this case scenario, we want to pass along a store id to a survey so that the survey publisher can analyze the survey results but see along with it the store that the user came from without the user having to input it.

Step #1 - 

The mechanics of this are the same as making a personalized survey above.  So first thing to do is create the URL variable for the data you want to store.  

Step #2 - Next thing to do is to add that data to the URL.

We are adding 'storeid' to the URL using the Bronto field tag.

Step #3 - Download Results

When user comes to the survey, the URL variable will also be stored in the response.  So for example if you also added a store ID, that data would be stored in the responses.  You can then download the responses and slice-and-dice using the data you passed in from Bronto.

The URL variable will be stored inside the stored file.

Happy Surveying!

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