Pre-populate choices for respondents

Let's say you are creating a customer satisfaction survey.  You have a location drop down for respondents to choose their location but for some respondents you may already know their location and you want to save them the trouble of picking their location from a list.

Using SurveyTown you can pre-select an answer to a question using URL variables.  The way it works is that you add the choice you want pre-selected to the URL.  Here's an example.[288][540]=1

This example will preselect choice "540" from question "288".  Question 288 is a question about a person's location and choice 540 is the location "Durham" in this particular survey.

If a respondent goes to that link they will see "Durham" pre-selected.

You can also use this feature to pre-fill text, multiple choice, add to sum, ranker and matrix questions.  The format examples are here.

Question Type Structure Example
singleText question[{QuestionID}]=string question[13]=steve
multiText question[{QuestionID}]=string question[13]=steve
singleChoice question[{QuestionID}][{ChoiceID}]=bool question[16][44]=1
multiChoice question[{QuestionID}][{ChoiceID}]=bool question[16][44]=1
addSum question[{QuestionID}][{ChoiceID}]=int question[18][59]=20
ranker question[{QuestionID}][{ChoiceID}]=int question[18][59]=2
matrix question[{QuestionID}][{RowID}][{ChoiceID}]=bool question[17][5][54]=1

How do you find out the Question ID and Choice IDs?  There are two ways.  One is to view source on the active survey.  In the form details you will see the Question ID and Choice ID.

View source 

Retrieve via API

You can also retrieve the Question IDs and Choice IDs via the API using 




Pre-selecting choices can make taking a survey easier and more enjoyable for you respondents and give you more accurate information.

Happy surveying!

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