How do I use Person Code to limit access to a survey?

You can a limit who is able to respond to a survey by setting a person code within a survey.  Person code is simply set by setting the variable p= on the URL of a survey.  So an example survey URL might be like[p_value]

You substitute you own value for [p_value], so the actual link might look something like this.

The actual value you use after the p= does not matter.  You can use the p code to match survey responses to customer ids in other systems.

SurveyTown treats the "p" variable in a couple special ways.

  • SurveyTown will store the value automatically with the survey response.
  • If you check to limit taking of surveys by person code, SurveyTown will look to see if there is a response with that personcode already attached to that survey it will block the respondent from taking the survey again.

In sum, by adding a p= variable onto the end of your survey URLs  you can match your survey responses to customers and limit the ability for customers to take a survey more than one time.

Happy surveying!

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