White label domains

By default when SurveyTown publishes a domain, we publish it at the URL "s.surveytown.com".  If you would like this to be a URL that does not include the brand "surveytown" you can do so with a white labeled domain.

When you have a white-label domain, you can allow your customers to take your survey at a URL that does not have "surveytown" in the URL itself.  You have two choices, you can use "givemyresponse.com" or a domain that is one you pick and matches your business.  If you want to just use "givemyresponse.com" you can do that by subscribing to a Professional account and choosing that domain under "Survey Domain" on the Setting page.  If you want to use a URL that matches more directly your company's name, you will need to signup as a white-label partner and we will skin the app to you business.  After you become a white-label partner you can also add additional accounts and all the subacccounts will use your white-labeled domain. Here are some more details.

There are two ways to get a white-labeled domain.

1) If you subscribe to our Professional level account, you can use our "pre-packaged" whitelabeled domain - "givemyresponse.com" as the URL where customer take your surveys.

  • To set the domain to "givemyresponse.com", simply subscribe to a "Professional" level account and then go to the settings page and choose "s.givemyresponse.com" from the "Survey Domain" input

2) Or if you are a white-label partner, we can support hosting your surveys at a URL totally customized to your business.  For example, "s.[YOURBUSINESSURL].com".  

For fully white labeled domains you need to ...

  • Setup a subdomain for the domain using "s", "server1", "survey" or "clicks" and the subdomain name
  • Point that subdomain to s.givemyresponse.com using a DNS CNAME record
  • Let us know and then we can setup your white-label partner account to use that domain

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