Adding a Header Image to a Survey

You may want to add your logo to the top of your survey.  We call this a "Header Image" and this help file will show you how to add one to your survey.

Step 1 - Find the Header Image area by navigating to Build > Presentation.   Under "Header Image" click on "Choose File"

Step 2 - Next you will be presented with a list of your "Hosted Images".  If you haven't uploaded any images yet, it will be empty and look like this.  

Step 3 - To upload your first image you can click the up arrow or drag and drop an image file into the gray area.

Step 4 - If you have clicked the arrow, you will be presented with this screen to choose a file from your computer.  Click "Add files(s)" and then select the file from your computer.

Step 5 - Once selected, hit "Start upload".

Step 6 - Once selected, hit "Start upload".

Step 7 - This will send you back to the Hosted Images list.  Select the image you want.

Your image will now show up on the "Presentation" tab and ...

.. at the top your survey.

Happy surveying!

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