Designing Your Survey Email

Prior to sending out your survey through email, you want to customize your email to reflect your brand. Setting your email to match your brand will help your customers recognize your brand, which will help you receive more responses to your survey. Using SurveyTown’s email feature, you can easily set the look and feel of your brand by customizing your design. 

In this quick guide, you can set your email’s design in a few easy steps. 

Step 1 - Find Your Email Template

When sharing your survey through email, you will see this as the first option under “Share”. Once you find the email option, you will want to click on the drop-down menu in the email icon. Choose “Customize design”.

Step 2 - Design Your Email

Once you have found the template to design your email, you can get started on creating an email that represents your brand. You can set the following fields:

  • Brand/Product Name - Fill this field out to indicate your brand or product name. 
  • Brand/Product Color - You can set your specific brand or product by adding the color code or selecting a color. 
  • Header - You can customize your header to your brand or product logo, or simply as the brand or product name. 
  • From name - You can fill in this short text box to reveal that the email is from your company, brand, or product name. 
  • Reply to - Fill in this short text box with the email you want customers to reply to. 
  • Subject - You can set your own custom subject that will appear in your email. 
  • Intro Message - Create a custom intro message that reflects the feel of your brand. 
  • Recurring Email - Set this email for 3, 6, or 12 months to see how your customers’ opinion has changed over time. 
  • Reminder Email - For those that don’t respond to your survey, you can send your customers a reminder email every 7, 14, or 21 days.

Step 3 - Preview Your Email

Before sending out your survey through email, you will want to preview what it will look like to your customers. When designing your email, you can quickly and easily see what your email will look like in desktop and mobile view. 

Step 4 - Test Your Email

Once your email looks and sounds the way you want it to, you will want to see how it performs when you send it to your customers. You can do this by sending a test email.. In the short text box below your designed email, fill in the email address that you want to send a test to and click “Send”.

Click “Save” and your email template will be saved for future emails!

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